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Funeral services NEKROPOLIS

The Funeral Benefit

The Funeral Benefit is 6 487,20 PLN

The funeral benefit is a single financial benefit granted by Social Insurance Institution (SII) for the covering of funeral expenses.

The funeral benefit is entitled in death case to:

  1. the insured

  2. the person receiving pension or allowance

  3. the person who didn\'t have established right of pension or allowance in the time of death but who fulfilled these conditions needed to obtain it

  4. the person receiving sickness benefit, rehabilitation allowance, maternity benefit or benefit equivalent to maternity benefit for the period after end of insurance title

  5. the member of the person mention in point 1-2

The funeral benefit is also entitled to the person who is able to prove that he or she covered the expenses of funeral.

The amount of funeral benefit is set up to 200% of average month salary existing in the time of the Deceased\'s death.

The basic documents necessary to apply for the Funeral Benefit:

  • filled application for payment of the funeral benefit (application number z-12, here to download)

  • abridged copy of death certificate

  • originals of bills confirming the funeral expenses (in case originals are submitted in the bank, please deliver the copies confirmed by the bank)

  • documents confirming the blood relationship or family connections with the Deceased


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