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Funeral services NEKROPOLIS

The Cremation

Our Funeral parlor does the cremation process extensively. The cremation is a form of burial based on reducing the ashes the Body of the Deceased with the usage of the special crematory stove and pouring the ashes to the Urn.

According to the Polish law, the Urn with the Ahes is to be buried in the cemetery - in the urn alcove, the urn tomb or in the traditional tomb. More and more cemeteries can offer the specially allotted area adapted to the burial of urns, the so-called columbaria.

The cremation is known and recognized by many religions. The Canon Law Code of the Roman Catholic Church also allows for the cremation.

Code 1176 §3

The Church recommends insistently to keep the pious habit of the burial of the deceased. The Church however doesn't object to the cremation unless any of anti-Christian reasons are chosen.


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