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Funeral services NEKROPOLIS

Our Services

Our Funeral Parlor exists from 1990 in the market.

We are specialists in extensive funeral services' organization due to our long-standing experience.

Our activities are based on issues, set with Family and Friends of the Deceased, concerning the Last Farewell. We accomplish all funeral formalities, including the purchase of the spot in the cemetery, in accordance with Family's wish.

All ceremonies organized by us can have every character of both traditional funeral and funeral consolidated with the cremation procedure.

All funeral ceremonies can be held in any rite, in the rite that the Deceased observed or the Family and Friends wish to have. The ceremony cab be both religious and secular.

Our Funeral Parlor is at your disposal twenty-four hours a day.

Our Funeral Parlor has our own cold store, which is a considerable facility.

We can guarantee that the Deceased's Body will be awaiting the Last Farewell with due respect.


Our Services
International Transport of the Deceased
Domestic funeral services
Convenient formalities
The Funeral
The Cremation
The Embalming
The Cosmetology
The Funeral Chapel
The Necrologies
The Obituaries
The Funeral Funding
The Funeral Benefit
Forming of the death certificate
The Hearses


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